Are you looking to up your office coffee game? HubBub is here to help!

We know coffee inside and out and can set you up with an intuitive, efficient coffee system (cold brew, too!), training for your staff, and on-demand maintenance and repairs.   

Offices: For your employees, coffee is fuel, how they kick start the day and get back into gear after lunch. It's a way for team members to connect and socialize, and a gesture of hospitality towards a visiting client or investor.  If your company is doing great work, don't stock the kitchen with bad coffee! We've got the good stuff. 

Bars & Restaurants: All of your efforts are geared toward providing an excellent experience for your guests. Coffee is often enjoyed as the last taste of a meal - let us help top off the experience with signature coffee selections! Our responsibly sourced, precisely roasted coffee is a huge value-add to your menu. HubBub ColdBrew pairs perfectly with summertime al fresco brunches, and makes a marvelous cocktail ingredient or alternative beverage for teetotalers. Whether from a keg or a growler, our ColdBrew also saves front of house staff precious prep time: simply pour over ice and serve!

For a detailed layout of each of our packages, see our Wholesale Packages Guide. For more information about the equipment we provide, see our Equipment Info Guide

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