Summertime is for adventures. And what better sort of adventure is there than biking off into the wild blue yonder? Long cycling trips can be tricky, though - there are many logistics to figure out, like: What's the best route? Where can we safely sleep? Not to mention: How exactly do we carry all our gear? 

Bikeout, a new Philly-based project, took the guesswork out of mid-range bike touring with their first big group ride, which happened this past weekend, July 16th & 17th. We can tell you a lot more about the weekend, since we were there slinging cold brew from the HubBub Cold Brew Trike!

Check out this recap from one of our baristas Ian, who enjoyed the camping vibes and worked the ColdBrew Trike along with his girlfriend Mary. The photos are Ian's, too - he is a talented photographer. Enjoy! 

"This weekend had been an extra large gold star on the HubBub calendar for weeks. We were so excited for the chance to serve up cold brew to dozens of thirsty bicyclists at an idyllic farm just an hour’s drive out of town. Its organizers called the event a 'bike camping adventure,' and they really nailed it. Tickets for Bikeout 2016 sold out in under three hours and it’s easy to see why- this group ride out and back to Kimberton, PA followed the beautiful Schuylkill River Trail from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to Sankanac CSA, part of Camphill Village at Kimberton Hills. The 15 acre garden proved the perfect spot for the festivities.

Campers started their day early, departing from the city at 8AM for the 30 mile ride out to Sankanac. With more than 130 bikes on the path, groups were designated and staggered, and folks began arriving at the farm just after noon. Nearby French Creek provided some relief from the heat- bikes parked along the stream were among the first things we noticed as we got closer to the farm. After a bit of relaxing, some groups took tours around the garden.

Cold brew on a hot day was thoroughly appreciated by many riders, and a DJ set from Philly’s Universal Cave set the vibe inside the barn. We recognized a few regulars from our Center City shop and had a great time chatting over coffee with some of the other vendors of the event. More than a few high fives were exchanged, and around 4 o'clock campers traded their iced coffees for beers brought in from local breweries. Sly Fox’s SRT Ale (named for the Schuykill River Trail) was a real crowd pleaser! Guests lounged on hay bales and got acquainted with our beautiful surroundings. Tents, hammocks, and sleeping bags were arranged in a neighborly row around the edge of the property, which gave the whole shindig a mini-festival feeling. 

As dinnertime approached, guests reconvened outside the barn and the event’s chefs gave us details on the menu. Two buffet lines, one vegetarian and one not so much, were created with the perfect farm-to-table barbecue fare: truly awesome pulled pork (along with a seitan version) with a multitude of delicious side dishes. Most of the ingredients were provided by our hosts’ farm, with excellent bread from the local Sweet Water Bakery. After dinner (and some ice cream sandwiches from Weckerly’s), we mingled and toured the farm. Echo Sun Ensemble provided a funky musical backdrop throughout the night, and at dusk a campfire was lit. After a few s’mores, we made our way back to camp.

Waking up on Sunday at dawn was magical, complete with dew on our tent and some curious cows in a nearby field. Breakfast before the return trip to Philly was set for 7AM, and our ColdBrew Trike was ready to go. It seemed every detail was considered for this event, and folks we met were stoked to have a cup or two before their ride home."

Thanks to Ian for the wonderful reporting and photos, and to everyone at Bikeout for organizing such an amazing adventure and for inviting us along. Can't wait to do it again next summer - maybe you'll be along for the ride in 2017, too! 

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