We love our regulars – we consider them some of the city’s finest citizens. In this column, we meet and greet with the folks who make HubBub part of their daily routine. 

It's always fun when HubBub fans tag us in their Instagram posts (@hubbubcoffee, btw!). We get to see ourselves through the eyes of our customers, and get little glimpses into what they enjoy about us. Over the past 6 months, we've been getting occasional IG notifications from @colleenadelphia, who always seems stoked on sharing the HubBub love. So we decided to reach out to her. We met up the other day to chat, over coffee of course. Colleen was friendly, easy going, and sweet. We had a great time learning more about her story!

HubBub: How did you find us?

Colleen: I've been working for Wharton's Undergrad division for a year and a half. In my office, there is a group of co-workers who come to HubBub religiously. This is our "treat yoself" situation. We like to have office meetings at HubBub, it gives our whole day good vibes. My addiction started over the summer...I started living off your cold brew. This is the first coffee shop where honest to God, I’m addicted to the coffee.

HubBub: Awesome! What do you do at your job?

Colleen: We’re the front-facing office for the Wharton undergrads, and within that I work on Communications. My favorite part is the events that we put on, that’s a high-energy, exciting thing. It’s seeing your work in action. I’m our catering liaison over there, and I  really enjoy putting together menus and trying out new small businesses and vendors.

HubBub: What did you do before Penn?

Colleen: Prior to working here, I worked in publishing. I was an editor at a large publishing company in Old City, I was always in that world as a writer and editor. I knew that I wanted a change,  I wanted to do something more dynamic than just editing, and there is a natural correlation between Higher Ed and academic publishing. This job was a good fit because it was communications focused, working on marketing materials and social media. 

HubBub: Where did you go to school?

Colleen: I went to the University of Pittsburgh, where I studied journalism and Spanish. I graduated 2009, lived there for a bit, and worked for Pittsburgh Magazine (read one of Colleen's stories from 2010 here!). I'm originally from Chester County, and I wanted to move back to the area, and did in 2011. I lived in Fairmount with my dog Dublin and then moved to the Graduate Hospital neighborhood.

HubBub: What else have you been up to?

Colleen: This semester, I started the Master of Liberal Arts program here at Penn, concentrating in communications and digital media. I actually took my first class last night: a book and print publication design, through the Fine Arts department. I’m focusing on taking some graphic design classes to get some tangible skills in that field.  

 Also, I love trying out new restaurants and Philly food stuff. My favorite lunches on campus are food trucks, like the “chicken over rice guy” who just moved to 41st and Walnut, and the Mexicali truck. It's way better than the lunch scene around my old office - lunch was expensive in Old City.  As far as restaurants go, I'm into southern bar food. I planned our office holiday party at the Twisted Tail, and I’m thinking about doing a brunch at the Khyber for my birthday. Another classic is Audrey Claire in Rittenhouse. In my neighborhood, my go-to is Miles Table

HubBub: Okay, one last question. When did you start drinking coffee?

Colleen:  I started drinking coffee when I was first out of college and working in an office. That’s when I was like “Oh right, I need coffee to get through this.” I enjoy coffee as a ritual now. 

Thanks so much, Colleen! We love getting to know our regulars better. See you around Spruce Street soon!