Last week, the HubBub Crew had the pleasure of going to ReAnimator Coffee's roastery and cafe for a tour and info session. This, their newest spot at 310 W. Master Street in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood, is a mixed use deal: retail, cafe, and production all happily co-existing in a beautiful, minimally rehabbed industrial space.

Matt, a super nice ReAnimator employee in charge of education, wholesale and a bunch of other small business "hats," hooked us up with some espresso, then led us through the cafe to the rear part of the space where they do that magical thing they do so well and turn green coffee into roasted coffee.

After checking out the roasting area, we went to the lab to taste some coffee.  We were treated to two V60 pour overs: ReAnimator's Costa Rica Divno Niño, as well as their Kenya Gachatha AA,  so juicy and light and clean. It was really nice to drink coffee and shoot the breeze with other passionate and fun coffee people. 

Many thanks to ReAnimator for welcoming us into their space and sharing more of their story! If and when you're in the Fishtown/Kensington/Port Richmond side of town, check them out! They are awesome folks making great coffee, and we're lucky to call them our Coffee Buds. 

We met Justin, one of the full-time roasters there, who showed us their awesome Probat roaster and answered a bunch of questions about different aspects of his job and the roasting process. The whole while, he kept a close eye on the computerized graph keeping extremely close track of the roaster's temperature and smelling little testers of the beans. Over the past year, they told us, ReAnimator's production has nearly doubled! 

We've been friends with the ReAnimator folks for years now - our owner Drew has known their owners (conveniently both named Mark) since 2010, when the specialty coffee scene in our city was just in its infancy. As our businesses have each grown in their own ways, we've become less competitors and more confidants.  In fact, when we decided that we wanted our own coffee to use for drip coffee in our cafes, ReAnimator was the first roaster that came to mind. It just made sense to work together. With their input and expertise, we've been able to create a product all our own, the HubBub Blend. Matt showed us a big stack of our green coffee beans in telltale burlap sacks waiting for their turn in the fiery roaster.