Well friends, 2015 has passed us by with lightning speed. While every year has its ups and downs, to us this felt like a good one: it's the first year in awhile when we haven't opened a new shop, so we were able to concentrate on streamlining and improving our systems, training our Crew, and perfecting our HubBub Blend, cold brew and espresso roasts.

Some 2015 HubBub highlights: we debuted our ColdBrew on Nitro, had two cold brew cargo trikes built and rocked a bunch of fun events,  and received the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce's 2016 Retailer of the Year Excellence Award.  

On the day-to-day level, of course we made and served A LOT of coffee. And drank a lot of coffee ourselves. At the end of every year, blogs publish all kinds of round ups: best music, movies, booksfood trends, etc. We'll let those experts take care of those lists and we will tackle the one closest to our hearts: the best coffee of 2015.

Tom & Max (Spruce Street baristas) - ReAnimator Ethiopia Harar: Tom says, "The tasting notes were just so accurate, with an amazing amount of blueberry flavor, especially when iced." 

Fred (Spruce Street barista) & Paul (Spruce Street Manager) - Stumptown's Costa Rica Marvin Robles (HubBub post). Paul says: 

It’s a nice, accessible Costa Rican coffee - yielding some fruity and sweet notes without being too intense. It’s really the story behind the beans, though, that makes me love it even more. To learn of Mr. Robles’ mostly manual, single-person operation - the care and concern for the product, and how his equipment can only produce less than 10 bags of beans a day...that’s what reminds me of the importance of the craft and keeps me anticipating the late Summer/early Fall harvest each year.

Sean (Production & Quality Control Manager) - ReAnimator Ethiopia Gera: "I was fortunate to have tasted a lot of great coffee this year. Perhaps the most memorable was the Ethiopia Gera from ReAnimator. It was gushing with bright peach and citrus and sweet tropical fruits. It also cold brewed better than any African coffee I've tried before - it tasted like peach juice."  

Amanda (3 Logan barista) - ReAnimator Costa Rica Divino Niño: "So delicate and delicious." 

Photo credit: ReAnimatorCoffee.com

Photo credit: ReAnimatorCoffee.com

Karina (Radnor barista) - Passenger Guatemala El Pilar (our blog post): "It was nice and fruity and while we had it on  the menu, I basically had a cup of it every day!" 

Josh (Radnor manager) - Passenger Hacienda La Esmeralda: An ethereal coffee which has been voted the Best of Panama for 7 out of the past 12 years.

Erica (our General Manager)- Passenger's Ethiopia Konga Reserve Lot: "I tried it earlier this year and it tasted like strawberry juice and milk chocolate. Very enjoyable fruit flavors that were easy to drink, hot or cold." 

We hope you drank some incredible coffee in 2015 - what were your favorites? Here's to a fun, fabulous and safe New Year's Eve, and a fresh calendar year to explore all that coffee has to offer. Cheers!


Glitter photo by Jessica Enig, used under a Creative Commons License