Yikes! There's only a week left til Christmas - how did that happen? If you're anything like us, as much as you try to be in top of your gift list, there are still a few names that still haven't been crossed off. As the holidays draw closer, the shopping situation (whether downtown or at the mall) changes from festive hustle and bustle to total chaos. It's a bummer, because giving gifts should inspire joy, not stress. 

Here's an idea: sidestep the madness and come pay us a visit. Each of our shops have retail shelves full of great gift ideas and ready made gift baskets! Plus, doesn't a cup of tea or hot chocolate sound nice right about now? 

Rishi's loose leaf tea comes in a range of lovely flavors (Peppermint Rooibos, anyone?), and our own HubBub Blend beans in 12 ounce bags make a mean cup of home brewed coffee. We're stocked with a bunch of HubBub merch, too: super soft short and long sleeved t-shirts, sturdy ceramic mugs, pint glasses, and more! 

This year, we're also offering ColdBrew growler gift cards - pick one up in-store, and the lucky recipient can head to our website, enter the unique code on the gift card, and claim their growler for pick up or local delivery!  Or, you can gift a growler subscription (now THERE'S an awesome present), also through our website. 

And hey, if you've only got a minute to spare, a gift card always gets the job done. There's no shame in that! A gift card is a sweet way to send a bit of cheer to a friend, co-worker, or any coffee fan in your life. Our refillable gift cards are available in any amount, can be used for anything in any of our shops, and never expire. 


See? Easy. With your holiday shopping done and a bunch of spare time on your hands, you can go home and kick it with a giant bowl of popcorn and your annual viewing of Elf. It's okay to cry a little - the ending always get us, too. Happy holidays, everyone!