Here we are, at the very start of November. That means that lots of things are coming up soon: the onset of true cold weather, political elections, the rock-block of holiday seasons, and...Movember!

While it's become something of a global phenomenon, we won't assume that you already know what Movember is all about. Here's a little background:

The short of it is, Movember is a month-long fundraiser that happens around the world. Participants start on November 1st with a clean shaven face, and grow out a moustache over the next thirty days. Even if the moustache is patchy or sad or funny-looking, they let it grow, and they get people to sponsor them and donate money to the cause. If it gets weird looks, all the better - the whole point of the 'stash is that it can be used as a conversation starter about men's health. Each year, Movember has a theme, and in 2015 it's MOVEmber - all about being active. 

So, the added challenge is to move for at least 30 minutes every day through your personalized Movember fundraising page. This is a great way for women to get involved (see here for an interesting article about ladies who do Movember)! The money raised through Movember goes to a number of men's health issues, including prostate cancer and mental health. Interested participants can join as individuals, or better yet, in groups! Entire workplaces have been known to form teams! Solidarity is a good thing when it comes to growing out a funny looking moustache on your face. There is still time to sign up! And if you're not ready to go for it, you can always donate to a team or individual who participating.

Now, for a brief background on Movember:

In 2003, two college aged friends in Melbourne, Australia wanted to see if they could resurrect the facial hair trend of moustaches. They convinced thirty of their pals to grow 'stashes out, all in good fun. They noticed that the moustaches made great conversation starters, and decided to leverage this attention for a good cause. In 2004, they got 480 people to participate in what they dubbed "Movember," and raised nearly $50K to fight prostate cancer in Australia. Each subsequent year, the movement grew and grew, raising millions of dollars through more participants.

In 2007, they went worldwide and the amount of money raised went through the roof. In 2009, they partnered with the LIVESTRONG Foundation, and continued to expand the scope of their mission. By this time, money they'd donated to various scientific research institutions had resulted in some monumental breakthroughs related to prostate cancer. Last year, Movember took place in 21 countries, and raised $90 million. They were also ranked 72nd out of the top 500 NGO's in the world. That is some big stuff.

This year, we were encouraged by our friends in Team I Hate Cancer (you remember them, right? The cancer-hating wrecking crew!) to get involved. They've been doing Movember for years, and firmly believe in it as a powerful (and fun) source of fundraising. So this Movember, we are partnering with them in with something we're calling Movember Mondays. Every Monday of the month, anyone participating in Movember can come in to any of our shops and get a free small drip coffee. All you've got to do is show your Mo Space Page to one of our baristas (through the Movember app), to redeem it.  It's just our way of saying thank you to all the Mos out there. We'll also be donating 25% of sales from 3-4PM every Monday to the Team I Hate Cancer Movember Team.  They are beyond dedicated to the cause, and we are proud to support them this year. 

We hope to see you on Mondays this November! We'll leave you here with this funny little video and moustache style guide, from the creatives over at Movember:

Happy Movember!