Say hello to your new favorite Chemex: the Bolivia Buenavista from Stumptown.  This ethereal coffee balances sweet, fruity and floral notes with grace: a thoughtful tasting will reveal delicate notes of marzipan (sweet almond candy) and Bartlett pear, with a hint of springtime blossom.

A stellar cup of single origin coffee always makes us a little romantic: each sip allows us to travel, in a way, to the patch of earth where these wonderful plants grow. We may be standing on a sidewalk or sitting in a cafe in Philadelphia, but we're experiencing the flavor of a far off place. At HubBub, we're usually in favor of keeping it local, but we can't help but love how coffee takes on a globe-spanning journey. Bolivia Buenavista takes us to the lush, fertile landscape of the 5th largest country in South America.

Buenavista is the name of a washing station in Caranavi, Bolivia run by Pedro Rodriguez and his children. Pedro is an accomplished businessman, as he also operates five coffee farms, and coffee and peanut exporting companies. Farmers from the surrounding regions grow Typica, Caturra and Catuai varieties, and transport the coffee to the mill via taxi or truck on the same day that the cherries are picked. The farmers register each day lot, which helps the mill keep meticulous track of everything coming in.

Pedro and his daughter Daniele work hard to help farmers improve farming practices to combat roya (coffee rust), often involving replacing old trees with newer ones, and adjusting the shade canopy to allow the proper amount of sunshine to reach the plants. They have started an educational program at the mill where farmers can taste coffee in a cupping lab, get schooled about better growing practices, eat lunch, and drink coffee. It's this kind of collaborative, knowledge-sharing spirit that can elevate an entire growing region's coffee product from good to great.

The Buenavista Mill also takes care to use environmentally conscious practices that reduce the amount of water used, and harnessing solar power to dry micro lots. For more info on Pedro and his incredible mill, check out this post from Stumptown Coffee's blog.

We can't think of a coffee more suited for early spring, and it won't be around for too long, so give the Bolivia Buenavista a try!

Bolivia Buenavista Bag
Bolivia Buenavista Bag