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As Valentine's Day approaches, you may be scheduling a hot date. You may be hiding under your covers, binge watching HBO shows. Whether you're giddy over a new crush or giving the finger to romance, it's no sweat. Valentine's Day is just one day, right? That being said, we can't help but have love on the brain. And one question keeps coming back to us: Why is meeting for coffee such a popular first date? It's one of those cliches from movies that actually happens in real life, too. Just how did the coffee date infiltrate our cultural consciousness?


Of course, we have theories on the matter: cafes are cozy and intimate spaces, coffee helps make you chatty, and you can learn a lot about someone from what drink they order. But is there more at play? We thought it best to consult a dating coach for an expert's opinion, so we reached out to Gayle Crist, the woman behind Philadelphia-based Dating Success Coaching. She has been a life and dating coach since 2001, and gave us a whole list of reasons why coffee dates are such a thing.

"From my experience," she says, "I think the coffee date is the usual first meeting because:

  1. It’s an inexpensive thing to do, so neither person minds paying their half of the tab and there’s no need to wonder about who will pay.
  2. It doesn't take long to drink a cup of coffee (so you don’t have to sit too long with someone you know in the first 3 seconds you’re not attracted to).
  3. There are coffee shops everywhere, so the people usually don’t have to travel too far to meet.
  4. It’s better to drink a non-alcoholic drink at a first meeting so you’re coherent and clear-headed when conversing with and assessing the other person.
  5. It’s not uncomfortable to be standing at the door of a coffee shop to meet a stranger because it’s common for people in business to do this, too (that is, meet associates they might not have seen in person before). That way, the daters don’t feel like they stick out like a sore thumb."

Well there you have it, straight from a real dating expert! Who knows, maybe HubBub will be the site of your next romance?

Here's a little Valentine from us to you: if you are in one of our shops on Friday, 2/13 or Saturday, 2/14, snap a photo with someone you love (romantic, platonic, and familial love are all equally great) and enter it in our Valentine's Day Instagram contest!


On Monday, a winner will be randomly chosen to receive a free coffee drink of their choice!

And here's a jam from the classic indie rock band Braid, asking the question you should always know the answer to before crushing on someone too hard: Do you love coffee?


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