Tattoos are everywhere. No longer relegated to the deepest counter cultural realms, these days, you're equally as liable to spot a full sleeve on your baker, bartender, bike mechanic or librarian. Know who sports a lot of tattoos? Baristas! While the HubBub crew definitely boasts our fair share of ink, our tattoos mostly aren't about coffee - they show our appreciation of other important things in life like art, music, beauty and whimsy (you know, like a fancy fox).

But if you ever take a moment to type "coffee tattoo" into an internet search engine or Pinterest, prepare thyself for the totally amazing number of manifestations of coffee tattoos. Guys, there are apparently a ton of people in this world who love coffee enough to emblazon a likeness of it - cartoonishly stylized to photo realistic and everything in between - onto their bodies. (Though unrelated to our purposes here, searching for "taco tattoo" and "pizza tattoo" is also really fun).

Our very unscientific survey seemed to find coffee tattoos in five main categories:

1. Coffee cups/mugs

2. Images of coffee plants

3. Moka pots

4. Portafilters

5. Tiny finger tatts

There are so many more, too. Isn't that crazy? While you can certainly have a huge passion for coffee without wearing your heart on your sleeve (get it?), it's remarkable just how many people go for ink to show their affection. Would you get a coffee tattoo? If it all seems a little too...permanent, maybe a temporary tattoo is for you?

tattly coffee #1
tattly coffee #1

Tattly is a Brooklyn-based temporary tattoo company that makes hundreds of cool images designed by professional illustrators and designers.  They launched in 2011, led by the blogger known as SwissMiss, and have all kinds of graphics for sale on their website. Among these are not one, but two coffee-themed temporary tattoo sets: the quad of coffee vessels as shown above and this hand-drawn cutie:

Coffee, how we love thee, too! For just $5 and a very short-term commitment, you can let the world know about your coffee love, too.