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Coffee is all about ritual. When you're out, it's all about the sensory experience of being in your favorite cafe: the gentle lighting, the awesome music, the friendly chat with your favorite barista who already knows your order, and that moment when a smooth paper cup or hot mug passes from their hands to yours. Making coffee at home, the ritual is centered on interaction with the coffee itself: the glossy brown beans nestled in their bag, the whir of the grinder, the rich, toasty smell as hot water and fresh grounds mingle, and the anticipation of something simple, pure and good that you've made for yourself.

There are lots of ways to prepare coffee in your home kitchen - gone are the days when your only option was a hand me down automatic coffee maker with a stained pitcher. For a relatively small investment, you can bring home a cafe-caliber coffee making system that will get the best flavor from any beans you buy and brew.

Stumptown Beans for Sale
Stumptown Beans for Sale

While most are actually pretty simple, some at-home brewing systems can seem a bit complicated at the start. Thankfully, Stumptown and Bon Appétit magazine have teamed up to produce short video tutorials which outline 8 coffee making techniques: Kalita Wave, vacuum pot, Hario V60, French press, cold brew, Bee House dripper, aeropress, and one of our favorites, the Chemex. Excellent dudes that they are, Stumptown has had a comprehensive list of Brew Guides with clear photos and written instructions on their website for awhile.

But there's something about video that is so easy to follow. The Stumptown + Bon Appétit videos feel especially hands on and unpretentious. There's no dialogue and no filler; just straightforward, step-by-step instructions in plain speak. Peep the Chemex video to get a good sense of what we're talking about.

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We love anything that demystifies coffee. Yes, on the one hand it's a magical beverage, and we love making that magic happen day in and day out for you at HubBub. But it's also definitely something you can and should experiment with, have fun with, and enjoy at home!