Stumptown Roasting Machine

We happened to be listening to WHYY on Friday morning and caught a great segment about coffee roasting on the local science show, The Pulse. The 8-minute spot investigates the sounds and the science behind coffee roasting with Ed Kaufmann, the Roasting Director at Joe Coffee and Preston Wilson, an acoustician (and coffee enthusiast) from the University of Texas at Austin. If you've ever wanted to learn more about the basics of coffee roasting, this is an enlightening spot, definitely worth a listen:

The best part is where Preston shares some of the research he's done about coffee roasting with Ed, and a genuine connection is made. It's those kinds of moments, where peoples' shared passions bring them together (and sometimes, even advance or innovate the way an industry approaches a particular problem), that we live for!

Our pals at Stumptown and ReAnimator Coffee roast the beans that we use at HubBub. Both use beautiful, stately Probat roasters, resplendent with classical German engineering and mechanics. Their expertise and passion produce consistently perfect beans, which, in the words of Stumptown "showcase all the hard work already invested in the coffee before it arrives at our roastery."

stumptown probat roaster
stumptown probat roaster

There is so much advanced technique, skill and care that goes into roasting coffee, and we are happy to share what we can to explain and clarify the process!

Cover image by Joshin Yamada, used under a Creative Commons License.