Sylvan Esso

It's one of the best things, walking through the city streets post-sunset, when the air is cool and sweet. The jagged sidewalks lead anywhere you want to go - toward or away from the crowds; in or out of the fray. With no real agenda, and no reason to hurry, you can take your time, cutting through the indigo atmosphere, feeling the traction between your sneakers and the pavement below. Pop in a pair of headphones, and you've got another new perspective: more connected with the world, and yet more in your own world at the same time. A night like this deserves a perfect song, one that's vibrating at the same frequency as you are.

We don't just love this song because it's called "Coffee." Yes, we admit, that may have been what initially caught our eye, but the song, by the band Sylvan Esso, has a quiet power that keeps us coming back. The warm, deep, almost old-timey female vocals layered over the synthetic and natural instrumentation push and pop against the speaker walls, feeling at once strange and familiar. And as we dug further into this band's still growing catalog, it is clear that this Durham, NC-based duo stands on their own two music feet no matter what their songs are called.

To hear more of their newly release self titled album, so ideal for the burgeoning spring evenings, head over to First Listen on NPR to preview the entire thing, or separate tracks on their own. They'll be playing live at Union Transfer with the always excellent tUnE-yArDs on Sunday, June 15th.

Until then, enjoy them as the soundtrack for your upcoming jaunts, journeys, and journal-worthy days or nights.