hubbub team

What is a job? You go to a place, you do things, you go home. You can fill those blanks in with a wide variety of places and tasks, but one thing is a constant: no matter what you do, if you don't enjoy the people you're doing it along side of, it's a total drag. Here at HubBub, we're so lucky to have such sensational teams of people working at each of our shops, and you know what? It makes work more rewarding, more engaging, and definitely more fun. We help each other out, keep each other company, make each other shine. It's the way it should always be. We're opening a third store soon, and are putting some feelers out for new baristas to join the HubBub crew. Could you be one of them? We are looking for fun and responsible individuals who are ready to create a coffee experience that has never been created before. Here's the gist of what we expect from our employees:

• An understanding of coffee shops, specialty retail and tending bar. Don't worry if your knowledge is limited because we will teach you everything you don't know. • A genuine interest in sharing our story and our coffee with every customer who walks through the door. And an interest in sharing your story, too. • Well honed customer service skills that consistently create a comfortable and welcoming experience. • The ability to multitask with a smile. • Openness to criticism and the desire to constantly improve. • Willingness to learn and have an open mind. • A sense of satisfaction from keeping a space clean and organized. • A reliable and dependable means of transportation.

If you're reading this and thinking "YES! This is me!" please email us your resume and your answer to the question What is your favorite coffee drink and why? to careers at hubbubcoffee dot com.