Even though we're stuck inside for most of the winter, it's somehow extra easy to ignore cleaning around the house. But spring has sprung and we've got the itch to refresh and renew our living quarters. Dust bunnies be gone! Closets be uncluttered! All that spring cleaning stuff - let's do it! And guess what? Coffee can help. First, and perhaps most obviously, a cup of coffee can lend a little extra energy that you might need to get into a productive mindset. We also suggest cranking some tunes - something with a danceable beat. Something like...this:

Spent coffee grinds are also a powerful, versatile, and free cleaning agent. Here are just a few uses that we were pretty excited to find out about:

  • Spread out used coffee grinds on a baking sheet and let them dry out overnight. Then, place the dried grounds into a small container with holes punched in the lid, and put in the fridge or freezer to absorb unwanted smells.
  •  Deodorize your kitchen sink drain: pour half a cup of used coffee grinds down the drain, immediately followed by some boiling water.
  • Used grinds can help remove burnt or stuck food from pots and pans. They are strong, abrasive and acidic, all of which make them excellent scrubbers. Just mix a handful into some dish soap and go to town!
  • Keep ants away! These pesky little insects (who always seem to start their home invasions in early spring) do not like the smell of coffee. So some coffee grinds sprinkled at likely points of entry, or directly onto ant hills outside, will keep them at bay.
  • If nothing else, throw used coffee grinds into your compost! They are rich in nitrogen, which is an important element in turning food scraps into nutrient rich compost for the garden.

Pretty cool, right?

After all that cleaning, reward yourself with something spiffy for the house! We're really stoked on this clever tea coffee towel from Girls Can Tell, the project of local artist Sara Selepouchin, which features hand drawn diagrams of all kinds of things printed onto towels, totes, coasters and more! This diagram shows four different methods of coffee-making, and totally makes us smile! You can find the towel online or at Sara's boutique, Occasionette, on East Passyunk Ave. in South Philly.

We've been fans of Pop Chart Lab ever since we discovered their cleanly designed, hippest-textbook-ever style graphic charts. This intensely detailed coffee chart poster boggles the mind with awesomeness, and would look super sick framed and hung up in a kitchen or living room:

Or maybe you just need a new tool to level up your home coffee-making station. HubBub is now offering a selection of items for sale in our shops, including the Chemex brewing system: a study in simplicity, chemistry and elegance. In our opinion, it is one of the very the best ways to extract the full range of flavors from your coffee beans. It's also low tech and no frills as can be, which is an increasingly rare thing in our day and age.

Evan Robinson Photography | |
Evan Robinson Photography | |

So throw open the windows, roll your sleeves up, and get cleaning! Once you get into it, it's really not so bad.  Happy spring, you guys!