comedians in cars

Surely, many of us will be spending the weekend recovering from holiday festivities, or just whiling away the hours staying out of the snow, all cozy on the sofa. What could possibly be better for these sorts of days than dialing up some internet entertainment and having a little watching binge? Before you call your sister to bug her for her HBO Go password again, may we recommend Comedians in Cars Getting CoffeeThis is an online-only show from Jerry Seinfeld (perhaps you've heard of him?), and is a pretty strict literal interpretation of its title. In each episode, Jerry drives around in pristine, insanely fancy, completely unattainable classic cars which he introduces in salivating detail. He picks up a famous comedian, and they go to get coffee while shooting the breeze and of course, making lots of jokes. That's it!

They've got 2 seasons under their belts, and a third on the way. Here's a preview:

It's got all the aimless banter that's Seinfeld's bread and butter and the guests are a hoot. Sometimes get they even get into some interesting and deeper personal stuff (Sarah Silverman, Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock and Louis CK are some of our favorites eps). Plus, there are straight up glamour shots of coffee - espresso oozing from a group head like syrup, steamed milk gently forming a rosetta, steaming black coffee swirling around in a's kinda cheesy but still manages to give you a wicked hankering for a cup of coffee. Coffee and laughs on a snow day sounds a-okay to us. Happy watching!