Nikki McClure Calendar

New Years resolutions are tricky: on the one hand, they're a bit trite, right? And they seem like they're designed to fail: these lofty promises that we make to ourselves, only to go back to our old ways by the first spring-y day of the year.

On the other hand, it feels healthy to have this natural re-set in our calendar, a perfect time to reflect on all that's happened, and to take a good hard look at where we want to go in the next 365 days. A time to dream big and embolden ourselves to take a step or two in the direction of the ways we'd most like to improve. At the risk of sounding a little Self Help-y, here are a few things we suggest to consider by way of resolutions:

  • Do something new to shake up your routine, even if it's as small as a different way to walk to work.
  • Pretend to be a tourist in your own city, looking at the streets and buildings as if you've never seen them before.
  • Taste a food you think you don't like and see what happens.
  • Pick a book by a classic author (Tolstoy! Dickens! Proust!) that you feel a little embarrassed you've never read. Then read it!
  • Say hi to that cutie you've had your eye on. Nothing crazy, just hello.
  • Get some warm gloves and a hat and ride your bike, even when it's super cold outside.
  • Call your parents more often - they love you!
  • See more live  music.
  • Chill with the aimless smartphone usage. When you're waiting for someone, or riding in a car, or during any idle moments throughout the day, take a sec to just be.
  • Investigate where the things you eat, drink, and wear come from. It can really affect how much you appreciate them and the people who make them!

Do you make resolutions each year? What are they? Do you find that you  can stick with them, or that it's extra easy to flake out?

Either way, Happy New Year to you all! We're so excited for 2014 - it's gonna be a good one...we can just feel it.