Umpqua kickStart

"The most important meal of the day." It's a tired statement, one that's been drilled into your head since Kindergarten. But as coffee people - early risers, most of us - we find it hard to disagree. Why is there still grumbling about breakfast, anyway? Maybe it's because most options, both at home and out in the world, are kind of meh. We're not talking about a goat cheese omelette, french toast and a side of bacon, either. That is squarely brunch food, even if you possibly have the time and energy to make this at 7AM on a Tuesday morning (if that's you, can we come over for breakfast sometime?). The dry slice of toast, the banana jammed on the way to class, the granola bar dug out of the glove compartment...yeah, that's the level that most of us are at when it comes to the first meal of the day. No judgement! We've been there: tired, running late, and doing your best just to make it out the door with keys, wallet and phone.

Enter: Oatmeal.

Did you know that oats are a superfood? Oatmeal is way high in fiber, which sounds like some boring detail, but it really means that it helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and revv up metabolism. A high fiber count also means that you feel fuller longer, which you'll be thanking yourself for when it's 10:30 and you're not already dreaming of lunchtime.

We serve some of the best ready-to-eat oatmeal there is from the cool people over at Upmqua. Maybe you've seen their cheery cups chilling by the counter at your local HubBub. This is not the crazy processed, cloyingly sweet instant oatmeal of your childhood, but chewy, hearty whole oats (called groats) loaded with tasty bits of dried fruit, nuts, and a tiny touch of sugar. We're partial to the KickStart flavor, with almonds and berries, a perfectly nutritious compliment to your morning latte. We'll fill the cup up with hot water for you, hand over a spoon, and presto: a real and true breakfast of champions.


Umpqua is a small, but rapidly growing company, founded by two moms from Las Vegas. They started out packing up to-go cups of oatmeal in their home kitchen (how awesome!), and now they have distribution for their oatmeal all over the place. Next time your body calls out for something healthier than a food cart egg and cheese for breakfast, give this stuff a whirl.