So, this may be a moot point for coffee obsessives like us who sip a steady stream of coffee throughout the day, punctuated by little exclamation points of espresso, or smoothed out by a slug of steamed milk or the odd cup of herbal tea BUT: Science has spoken.

You might have heard thisnewsstory bouncing around the internet over the past few days: According to 'scientists' (whenever the media refers to scientists in that anonymous way, we can't help but think of a bunch of peeps in white lab coats with clip boards), 10:30a.m. is the ideal time to have a cup of coffee. Though many of us kick things off with a pop of caffeine much earlier in the morning, this isn't actually the most efficient time to have coffee, so they say. It's all about circadian rhythms and hormones. The long and short of it is that cortisol is a hormone in your body that regulates the feeling of wakefulness, and it's naturally humming right along from 8-9a.m. all on its own. Once that initial jolt begins to flag, that is when you should drink some coffee to achieve the most productive effect (just in time for elevenses!).

We have a few thoughts on this subject...

First, we think science and research are fascinating and cool. When it comes to issues of health and well being, we usually agree that it's prudent to abide by the general scientific consensus instead of making up your own rules. However, this all begs the question: do we need every facet of our lives measured and quantified? Is the goal of everything really to maximize outcomes? This all rings a little "better living through chemistry" for our taste.

Second, asserting that there is a "best" time to drink coffee also implies that there is a "worst" or "wrong" time to drink coffee, and that just feels weird. We believe that you, and only you, know when the right time for coffee is. Could be that a double latte first thing in the morning makes you feel that all is well in the universe. Maybe you wait until after lunch for a pour over or a cappuccino to get the gears turning again. Perhaps you're a mocha-after-dinner kind of guy or lady. Or maybe you just go with how you're feeling on any particular day. And that's what we advocate because, after all, should coffee be more about pleasure than about efficiency?

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