Tired Hands sign

Coffee & beer - they often meet in a glass in the form of stouts and porters, those dark, hearty beers good for dessert or fireside sipping. But we recently came across something that stopped us in our tracks - a coffee IPA. Whaaaat??!?! Our two favorite beverages united in one frosty glass? At the cozy bar at Tired Hands Brewing Company out in Ardmore, we cautiously sipped this genre mash up beer, wondering just how a hoppy craft beer and coffee would mingle. Would they be friend or foe to our palate? The result was fascinating...and phenomenal. The coffee notes were so subtle and smooth, and the IPA was perfectly balanced. Turns out that the coffee beans used in this beer are none other than Ethiopian Worka beans roasted by our bros at ReAnimator Coffee Roasters! No wonder the beer, cleverly titled Herbert West (get it? after the H.P. Lovecraft short story Herbert West - Reanimator), was so fruity and blueberry forward.


The brewers at Tired Hands recognized the unmistakable blueberry notes ringing loud and clear in the ReAnimator coffee that they drink on the daily. Mosaic hops, they realized, also have a strong berry profile (mango, lemon and pine, too!), and so they married these two flavors to create a beer that is, like, shockingly awesome. This is what Tired Hands does - make killer West Coast and Belgian influenced beers that often incorporate off beat ingredients. Their bar always has a rad selection of stuff on tap and perfect snacks to pair. We highly recommend paying them a visit.

And if you want to try this ReAnimator Worka coffee, you know where to find it - at HubBub! We frequently have this bean on our Chemex pour over menu. Pour overs are the perfect method to extract that telltale blueberry flavor that makes it so notable and poppin'. Wish we could serve you the beer, too, but you'll have to trek out to the Main Line for that!*

*disclaimer: Tired Hands changes their beers on tap all the time. So it's possible that if you go there to do a bit of drinking, the coffee IPA may not be available. But there will definitely be lots of other stuff to knock your socks off!