Lou Reed
Lou Reed

“There’s only X amount of time. You can do whatever you want with that time. It’s your time.” - Lou Reed Lou Reed is dead, long live Lou Reed.

We were sad to hear of his passing at the age of 71...we always took him for one of those dudes who would just live and live and live to some unimaginable age. Through all the public phases of his career, Lou always seemed somehow like a surly teenager and a crotchety old fogy at the same time, right? That was just one of the contradictions that seemed to define his inimitable kind of coolness: mean but kind, talented but roguishly amateurish, badass but vulnerable, a legend and a current voice all at once. Maybe it was his penchant for famously not giving a damn about his critics, his friendship with inhumanly interesting people like Andy Warhol and David Bowie, his marriage to Laurie Anderson, or his amazing body of work with the Velvet Underground and solo, but there's just something about Lou's spirit that always rang true to us.

Music is a big part of our world here at HubBub, and there's no doubt that many (maybe, like ALL) of the modern bands that we admire would cite the Velvet Underground, and Lou's kind of snide sort of detached vocal affect, his narrative, oddly intimate lyrics, and his unabashed rock and roll ego, as major influences. The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Death Cab for Cutie, Beck, REM, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Patti Smith, The Pixies, Of Montreal, The Strokes and seriously tons of other bands - too many to list- have been inspired and artistically informed by Lou and The VU. When was the first time you heard "Stephanie Says" (man, remember that gut wrenching scene in The Royal Tenenbaums), or "Satellite of Love?" Did you have that phase in college where you were obsessed with White Light/White Heat? Or have a moment at a party when someone put on "Walk on the Wild Side," and everyone started grooving, and for a second you couldn't tell if it was 1974 or 2004?

The world will miss you, Lou. RIP.