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Hello weary internet travelers! We're so glad you've found us. This is the new blog for HubBub Coffeea coffee company based in Philadelphia, PA. Coffee is our passion, and we're convinced that it's so much more than a hot cup of caffeine. Sure, a well-timed cup might get you through a long drive at night, a brutal study session or a dull meeting, but when you think about coffee, like really think about it, it's actually kind of this magical thing. Every culture has its form of coffee, and it holds a universally social appeal (as in, "want to meet for coffee?"). But it can also be an agent of introspection, a way to shut the noise of the world out and buckle down to get stuff done in a very solo sort of way. And coffee's got history, it's got place. For instance, almost all of the coffee we serve is shipped here from other parts of the world (more on where we get our beautiful beans later). By the time a HubBub barista hands over your cup, all steamy and fragrant, the beans that made that coffee have already had a heck of an adventure. They've, like, lived, man. It was farmed and processed by real people, many of whom have been cultivating coffee for generations. It was laid out to dry in the golden sun, then packaged and and packed up into a plane for its journey to the States (and that's just the abbreviated version!). We think every step of that journey is fascinating.

And we think people are fascinating. Like you: How did you find us? What makes you go? When was the first time you had a sip of really good coffee, a sip full of flavors that made you need to stop and think about them?

On this blog, expect to find ruminations, investigations, expositions and explorations into every corner of the HubBub world. From our stellar employees to our one-of-a-kind regular customers to the rad dudes we source our killer coffee from - we're here to tell their stories. There are amazing people behind every aspect of what we do and who we are, and we think that's just the greatest thing ever.

There's a story in every cup...what's your story?